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How to Build a World Class Sales Force in 2009

Neil Rackham, author of bestsellers such as SPIN Selling, Major Account Sales Strategy and Rethinking the Sales Force, and one of the leading minds in professional, consultative selling over the past 20 years, shares his five keys for building a world class sales force: Sales supervisors are the key to successI have played a part […]

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Sales Professionals Attest to Benefits of Neil Rackham’s Research and Teaching

Jim Farrell, author of the Business Bits blog, summarizes the SPIN Selling philosophy and quotes some executives who share their personal experiences with Neil Rackham’s work in this blog post.

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Neil Rackham Among 2009’s “9 Business Speakers You Need to Know”

The Speakers Group speakers bureau counts Neil Rackham among “9 Business Speakers You Need to Know in 2009” based on the relevance of his expertise in helping companies navigate the tumultuous economic climate projected to linger well into the New Year.

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Q&A with Neil Rackham, “The Professor of Professional Selling”

Neil Rackham has been observing the world’s best sales forces for decades, and here he answers some of the frequently asked questions he has received from sales professionals and sales managers: How does one become a good salesperson? It’s not magic; it’s hard work. A few people have a natural talent for selling, but most […]

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Neil Rackham with Howard Stevens on Selling in a Down Economy

Howard Stevens of The HR Chally Group recently interviewed Neil Rackham about winning strategies for selling in a down economy. Watch the video on the Chally web site here.

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Neil Rackham Debunks 10 Myths of Professional Selling

Heading into the new year, Neil Rackham, the world’s greatest voyeur of professional selling, debunks 10 myths that may be preventing you and your sales force from reaching peak performance levels: “Selling is selling – a good salesperson can sell anything.” “To get more orders, make more calls.” “Always call high.” “Use plenty of open […]

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